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New Year, New Me (and a Reflection of my Year)

2020 was a crazy weird year. It felt both amazing and shit at the same time. How can that be? I think it’s because there was the huge energetic awakening this year, and so many people were effected by it. So many things have happened this year:

  • got engaged (!!!!!)
  • canceled our pacific crossing 🙁
  • ended up doing my first ocean crossing on the WRONG ocean
  • had the worst panic and anxiety attacks of my life
  • fell asleep to dolphins talking for an entire week straight
  • saw the most beautiful islands I have ever seen: the Azores
  • made friends in the BVIs and ended up with them in portugal (in the same year)
  • late summer/early fall at my cottage in Canada with my family
  • did a mini euro trip to Portugal-Spain-Italy-France
  • tried organizing a sailing yoga retreat but had to cancel cause of covid
  • returned to Canada a second time while Mike crossed Lady Grey back to the Caribbean
  • went skiing, skating, and enjoyed Christmas with my 89 year old nona
  • enrolled in a 200hr yoga teacher training program

Among all these crazy things happening during a messed up year and a pandemic, I also feel like I’ve had some sort of spiritual awakening. I’m starting to realize what I want my purpose to be, and how I can use that to create a career for myself.

I think what I want out of life is to live as naturally and holistically healthy as I can. And I would love to be able to share this knowledge with the world and help individuals do the same for themselves. The yoga teacher training program has been really helpful and furthering opening my eyes to the whole picture and all the tiny components throughout.

There is so much I’m learning that I’d like to implement, change, and adjust in my life, and now that the new year is here now is the time to do it. One thing for sure I’m going to do is go much deeper into my yoga practice, which entails not only daily yoga practices, but regular workout, meditation, and yoga in life practices as well.

My course briefly touched on Ayurveda, so I’ve ordered the Sahara Rose A Yogic Path Journal and Deck as well as her Ayurveda for Beginners Guide. I’m hoping to dive deeper into this subject because I’m really curious to see how using the knowledge of Ayurveda to create a more balanced and harmonized life will realistically play out in my life. I also wish to experience this so I can help teach others or give others this knowledge so they may heal themselves.

I also would like to begin designing yoga classes and possibly videoing them for YouTube. The only way for me to become better is to try and learn in real-life applications, right?

As for the food blogging, I plan on continuing with it. However I would really like to try my best to commit to a consistent schedule. I need to stay strong and not be tempted by distractions, and I also need to decide on a schedule that’s realistic for me. I’m thinking at least one a week or every ten days.

So to some up my New Years’ Resolutions:

  • do yoga everyday for a year (at least 5 minutes)
  • maintain a regular workout and meditation schedule
  • deep dive into Ayurveda
  • create yoga classes / flows
  • create healthy / yummy recipes
  • share my learnings with the world
  • share my experiences living a holistic healthy lifestyle with the world

These are fairly vague, but I think they give me a proper direction. I can figure out step one once I get there. My biggest theme of the year is to trust my inner intuition more, to focus on being present in the now, and simply showing up (because that’s the hardest part).

I sincerely hope everyone is doing okay, and if not, I hope for things to turn out better for you sooner rather than later. This has been a really tough year for so many of us, and I hope to see more positivity, love, and happiness this year. Sending you love and light ✨

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