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Boiling Lake, Dominica


We arrived in Rosseau, Dominica on Sunday November 4, and waited until Monday morning to check in (to avoid paying overtime at the immigration office). Monday we walked around the town, went on a short hike to a Fort, then returned the boat for a quiet and non-eventful day.

View of Rosseau, Dominica

Tuesday morning started normal enough: wake up, morning swim/shower, tea, breakfast, yoga/workout. While I was on the phone with my brother, Mike went over to warn a neighboring sailboat that a cruise ship was coming to dock and they were in the way. He came back excitedly telling me to hang up cause we were going on a hike.

The crew on the sailboat were a young start-up called the Sailing Virgins, and it was a group of friends who invited ‘sailing virgins’ onto the ship for the week and taught them as much as they could about being at sea. They were planning on hiking up to Boiling Lake, the excursion for the student they had aboard. We agreed and immediately packed a backpack for the excursion.

The hike was simply amazing. Alltrails.com calls it moderate, but I really believe it’s for someone that’s active and have hiked in various conditions before. There’s plenty of rock faces in which you boulder/rappel, and the trail changes elevation so drastically it can be challenging for those not fit.

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We started our hike just after noon (ignoring the locals and signs suggestion of starting before 10am) and we returned around 5. We ended up having to split into two groups–fast and slow–to allow the quicker more conditioned hikers to make it to the end.

Mike and I went with the fast group and made it to the lake just after 3. We managed to bang out the return in under 2 hours.

I apologize for the lack of updates–just been so busy on the boat! I’ll catch up when I can…


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